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These are our costumes! (Mostly made by Valerie A Thies unless noted otherwise!)

Here are pictures of our costumes. More to come soon!
SMH Presents Hopu as Rurouni Kenshin and Magujie the Kaachan as Cherry. Also Maruko with horns for no good reason.

Hitokiri Hopusai!

I thought diamonds where a girl's best friend, but she says otherwise...

Totoro (friend to all except those that call him thingie)

Cherryish the Magu

Ferio from Magic Knights Rayearth!!! Washi-chan is so Kawaii!!!!!!j/k

I am not a squirrel!

Raiel is the fountain of youth! (Well the way he nose bleeds you'd think that he was.)

Leaf it to me!

This costume made by Magujie won 2 awards...one was for the man not afraid to wear a boa down his back

Jed is just thrilled isn't he?

Hopu as Sanosuke ^_^ (I love Sano.)

Celes from FF3 made by Stephen Beitler and worn by Lady Jamers.

Kurisutin is Raiel-san! Kawaii ne!

Groan...Marker so Heavy...Must flex...


Cherry from Sabor Marrionette J is as Kaachan as they come!

Marushi with green hair for no good reason...

Matt, just plain Matt! I am not Little Matt!

Jed, Luke, Valerie, & Kurisutin

Yah yah, take the pictures...so bored...

Washi, Hopu, & Jamers as Chichiri, Tasuki, & Miaka!

Erika (our newest member) is kick butt Kasuka from Bastard!

The Base of the problem is Lute...

I am Magujie the Kaachan of the Super Moron Heros

Ohohoho! I am Magu and the purple hair dye has gone into my brain!

Megs and Maru as Okarina and Sizer!

Asuka from Eva...run in fear!

Magu made the Misato who is really holding PenPen. He didn't photo well...

Sizer plays a song of Kaparu proportions!

Luke as Emperor Hotohori

Ok, I'm going to put up another page soon, but I'm tired! Check for links on the custom page to other people's AWA sites!